Volunteer Information Page

Each of us can help doing occasional cleaning!

Plus, did you know that if everyone pitches in occasionally to clean, we can save nearly $12,000 per year? We can put that money towards youth retreats, Sunday School materials, outreach to the community, Vacation Bible School, and much more.

Helping clean makes a big impact – because it’s not just keeping our building ready for us by our congregation – but lots of community groups who use our facility - groups like AA and NA, Scouts, community music groups, neighborhood associations, and more. Our building is a ministry tool for the community.

So, help us be good stewards of our building. Cleaning bathrooms and dusting only take 15 minutes or less. You can volunteer to clean before or after church, or when the church is open during the week – it’s up to you. Disposable gloves and all supplies are provided.

Click on the sign-up link below and commit to cleaning a handful of times over the next year! Thank you! 

Below are instructional videos. If you would like to vacuum and learn how to use the backpack vacuum, please us know! 

Sign-up Link

How to Clean Bathrooms

Simple and takes less than 15 minutes!

Just follow the checklist posted in the bathroom cabinets!

How to Open the Paper Towel Dispensers.

This video applies only to the bathrooms near the sanctuary. The paper towel dispenser in the bathroom near the church office does not require a key.

Dusting & Quick Pick-up

The dusters are located in the cleaning closet across from the church office.