Our Mission

We foster grace-filled relationships with Christ through:

Worship  |  Fellowship  |  Service

We are committed to:

Providing for and raising children in the faith. 

Connecting to one another and providing support within our community of faith.

Working toward social justice both locally and globally.

You are welcome here, just as you are. 

We extend a special welcome to those who are single, divorced, married, widowed, or if your relationship status is “complicated”.

We love families, no matter how you define them. We are glad you are here whether you come every Sunday or if this is your first time at our church or any church at all. You are welcome here if you know the bible backwards and forwards, or have never really read it, if you know Jesus or are just curious to hear what he is all about.

We welcome you if you have doubts about “organized religion” or are a “cradle Christian”. We welcome liberals, conservatives, moderates, and undecideds. If you cheer for the right team, or don’t like sports, you are welcome here.

We especially welcome those who could use a prayer right now, or an assurance that God loves them, those who are struggling, and those who are doing okay.

Whoever you are, whatever your past or present – God welcomes you and so do we. We are glad that you are here!

We are deeply sorry if you or anyone you love have been hurt in any way by the church or in the name of God. 

This is not right, nor is it right for people of faith to ignore these very real injuries.

God is the source of all life; therefore, all creation is worthy of God's love and grace. Love that builds up, respects, and cherishes is a gift from God to all people through grace. We ask God to guide us as we journey toward a deeper understanding of God's inclusive welcome and love. 

Please join us on this journey. Our communities need your voice. 

Our History

Around 1973, Pastor Floyd Brause and his wife Lucille came to Eagle River to see about establishing a Lutheran Congregation. They spent a lot of time asking people how a new congregation might help the community. Two responses in particular seemed to come up again and again: a place for community groups to meet, and a quality child care.

Over 40 years later, Joy Lutheran is still a vital part of our Eagle River and Chugiak community. This year we celebrate our 40th anniversary as a congregation and we celebrate the work of God’s Spirit that has done such great things among us.

The Joy Child Development Center (JCDC) has provided the quality child care and education for many years and remains one of the highest rated centers in the state. Our building is used every day and evening of the week for various community groups: recitals, Boy Scouts, A.A., N.A., neighborhood councils, the list goes on.

The Chugiak/Eagle River Food Pantry had its beginnings here at Joy, and we remain an essential support of this outreach for our community.

Over the years, hundreds of people have worshiped together, sang together, learned together, prayed together, built together. We have been together a place of hope and healing in Jesus, the One in whom we find our center and our peace.

As we begin another 40 years of mission and ministry in Jesus name, we are excited to see where the Spirit will take us!